• Fast turnaround
    of your collection dollars

  • Member of
    the American
    Association and
    MN Association
    of Collectors

  • Innovative collection software, on-line
    skip searchability, cross reference
    debtor tracing
    and matching



collection program

Accounts placed with Springer Collections will be sent a series of notices,
reported to the three major credit bureaus and will be diligently worked by
our collection representatives. All efforts including skip tracing will be used
to locate and establish contact with your customer to voluntarily resolve
their debt.

How do you stop being an unwilling and interest free lender?

The profit margin on a delinquent account disappears in just a little over
six months. At one year, that delinquent dollar is worth fifty cents or half
of what you had coming. How do you stop being an unwilling and interest
free lender? Don't send more notices—after the first you are only
reminding the debtor of their bill.

Let Springer Collections motivate the debtor to pay through professional, courteous sales techniques that work. We act quickly to save you the
most. The best part is if we don't collect your account, you don't pay us
at all. Whether you're currently with another agency or have never used
an agency before, give us a chance to show you how we can positively
impact your bottom line.